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Want to envision and bring to market the products, services, and experiences that will shape your future?

Illuminate your blindspots, bridge your gaps, and drive real innovation.

Identifying and bridging CX gaps is critical to realizing the potential of existing investments in technology, teams, and data. The CX research that would eliminate inefficiencies and guesswork, however, has historically been nowhere to be found—until now.

With our Insights team, we took action and talked directly with business leaders, industry experts, and customers. We created a first-of-its-kind CX study designed to increase your revenue, drive better margins, and build brand loyalty.

81% of leaders believe they excel in CX—only 20% of customers agree.

Stellar Elements' CX20 Global Study

With the introduction of our Stellar Elements CX20 Global Report, we’re able to reveal clearer paths to close those gaps and reinvent how customers feel, interact, and connect with your business and brand.

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We have a global team of over 1,000 experts dedicated to solving this challenge.

29ventures created with clients *
1001inspired clients *
38industries impacted *
* and counting

We also have the full support of a $4 billion parent company in Amdocs, a leading software and services provider to communications, media, and financial services companies.

With access to 30,000 professionals working across 15 timezones, our close relationship unlocks expertise in industries like Telco and FinTech, along with a deep understanding of technology, AI, media, and more.

How we help:
  • IDEATIONWe analyze your current market and trends, map existing and future opportunities, and visualize what’s next. Together, we’ll uncover strategies to find your North Star.
  • INNOVATIONWe rapidly map and prototype different paths with the benefits and costs. Then, we turn strategy into action—maximizing value for your business and your customers.
  • IMPLEMENTATIONOur team works with you to prioritize innovation strategies. With a plan in place, we execute design, content strategy, product development, and much more.