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Stellar Elements CX20 Diagnostic Assessment

Did you know?

  • 526
    Global CX leaders surveyed across different industries
  • 1 in 3
    CX leaders of those surveyed believed they had no CX gaps
  • 93%
    CX leaders surveyed identified at least three gaps

Uncovered in the Stellar Element's Global CX20 Report conducted in 2023, one in three global CX leaders believed their organizations had no CX gaps. Upon examining our CX20 Gaps, 93% of the 526 global CX leaders found at least three gaps within their organization.

In every organization, gaps in CX hide in plain sight. Business leaders don’t ignore them—often, they’re just not visible—until now.

Our CX20 Diagnostic Assessment acts as the lens that brings these hidden gaps into focus. This self-assessment examines 20 essential CX gaps that, if not addressed, can lead to a disconnect between the experience you aim to deliver and what your customers actually encounter.

Unveil your CX blindspots below using the Stellar Elements' CX20 Diagnostic Assessment, turning potential stumbling blocks into opportunities for a more aligned customer experience.