Bringing safety to new markets.

Bringing safety to new markets. Featured Image
How can a company best known for automotive services break into a new industry?
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Bringing safety to new markets. Section One Image
The Challenge
The AAA Innovations team came to us with a challenge: Reach more people and deliver on their promise of safety on the road and away from home. They had created Identity Champion, an identity theft detection tool, and they needed to get the word out.
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The Solution
Our research found that competitors in the identity protection industry use scare tactics to prey on anxieties. AAA wanted to stay true to their brand’s reassuring voice. We set out to create a campaign that communicates a sense of protection that’s always on and always with you.

The Results
We created a simple, powerful concept with “The Ring,” a bold graphic accent that visually communicates a sense of security and strong brand recognition. Our team of designers and writers created cross-platform ads, as well as a copy and design playbook, giving AAA the tools to create on-message assets going forward.

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