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Unlocking growth through employee experience

Can custom technology unlock new business opportunity and augment an already exceptional culture?
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The Challenge

As a specialized staffing firm, ALKU had developed proprietary methods for the staffing process and had built a uniquely scalable system for employee development. But the reliance of the process on physical presence in an office and analog methods like whiteboards, was a risk to scale.

To facilitate seamless collaboration across locations, ALKU needed to digitize their workflows in a way that stayed true to their culture while making room for continued growth.

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The Solution

Over 5-plus years of partnership, Stellar Elements has worked hand in hand with ALKU's leadership to develop a suite of software to empower their continued growth. In the beginning, we spent time with ALKU employees, understanding how the team used the whiteboards and identifying ways to digitize that made sure nothing was lost, but much was gained.

Watching how ALKU employees worked enabled us to design and engineer a tool that felt natural to ALKU's employees, so much so that it became the backbone of their company and process. The first tool that was built, ALKU Everywhere, is the central hub for all of ALKU's revenue generating activities, and is a staple on all employee computers, as well as on 20-plus large touchscreen TVs located throughout ALKU's offices nationally.

Building upon that success, we have designed and delivered a number of other mission critical software tools for ALKU's team. Together, we've delivered call list generating software that has saved thousands of hours of manual work. And we've created performance management and reporting tools that help managers unlock new performance from their teams and empower their staff to reach their growth goals.

ALKU is a company that believes deeply in employee development. They are now a 500-plus person company, and their current president started as their first intern.

The Results

ALKU and Stellar Elements identified and closed a number of experience gaps, including opportunities in innovation, service, and scalability.

ALKU's unique culture of collaboration and competition is now possible from anywhere, in real time. This digital solution enabled them to grow and scale at a rapid rate—even during a global pandemic. And they've been able to grow exponentially, take on multiple successful rounds of growth equity, and scale to a national leader in specialized staffing.

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