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This Telco Delivered the First Complete eSim Activation App in Canada

For Telcos, Customer Experience is Everything

Experience is the last competitive advantage for most industries—but few more so than Telco. And while 84% of Telco leaders think they’re nailing CX, only 34% of their customers say their Telco company lives up to their expectations, a disconnect larger than average across multiple industries.  
According to Stellar Elements’ CX20 Global Report, Telco faces five main experience gaps: the Integration Gap, CX Perception Gap, Innovation Gap, Talent Gap, and Service Gap. Failure to bridge these CX gaps can result in lost revenue, eroded customer trust, and much more.  
There is a positive outcome for Telcos uncovering these gaps, however. It's difficult to fix what you can’t see, and exposing these gaps reveals hidden opportunities to differentiate yourself in the marketplace. 

How Telcos Overcome CX Gaps to Rise Above the Competition

“With the rise of competitive alternatives, margins are constantly being eroded, and the question of how to stay in the game and make more money are at the forefront for every Telco leader,” says Ross A. McIntyre, Stellar Elements Principal Innovation Strategist.

"They’re all asking how to be more efficient, how to retain customers, and how to deal with their own complexity.”

Ross A. McIntyre, Principal Innovation Strategist, Stellar Elements

For Canadian pre-paid carrier, Public Mobile, the answer to those questions lay in creating a wireless service experience different than any others in the market. Their goal? To allow every customer interaction to be fully digital, simple, and convenient.  
With the goal of creating a premium brand experience that differed from its competitors, Public Mobile rebranded itself and prepared to launch a mobile-first app experience on par with other subscription services like streaming music and video that would be familiar and more appealing to younger “digital native” audiences. 
This seamless experience also meant giving customers to customize their phone services through add-ons that include U.S. roaming (talk, text, and data), U.S. roaming data only, additional Canada data, and long-distance minutes. Wherever their customers wanted to be is where Public Mobile wanted to be able to meet them.  

Capturing a Growing Market Demand for a Wireless Product with a Disruptive Premium Brand

To create this premium brand experience, Public Mobile worked with Stellar Elements, relying on a robust Design and Discovery process and deep bench of expertise in creating mobile experiences across different industries including telecommunications.  

Together with the Stellar Elements team, Public Mobile identified opportunities to create new baseline and niche feature sets to enhance value to the user and differentiate from the competition. Including among those features are: 

  • Activation in minutes through eSIM technology 

  • Customizable speed and premium feature (such as unlimited data) options 

  • The ability to stop or change the plan at any time with zero restrictions through the app

Built on centralized identity management, design systems, and react-native architecture, the new Public Mobile experience allows customers to manage their accounts and set up wireless service at their convenience—however they’d like it. 

"It was time for us to evolve our brand to provide customers with a new service wrapped in a new visual identity... And with it, we're really uniquely positioned to empower customers with more choice, better value, transparency, and a great overall digital experience.”

Neil Mendes, Head of Public Mobile

The Results?

Public Mobile was the first to market with a digital native, subscription-based 5G phone service in Canada. The new Public Mobile experience offers Canadians a different way to experience mobility, backed by its parent company TELUS’ award-winning 5G network. 
With 100% of subscription activations occurring via the new app powered by cross-platform technology, Public Mobile is now leading the way in digital-first Telco experiences in Canada.  

What Are Your Organization’s Gaps?

While trends are clear across industries, experience gaps are unique to each individual organization. Uncover your CX gaps (and subsequent hidden opportunities) with the CX20 Diagnostic Tool. 

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