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Manulife Investment Management

Automating a complex land leasing process

Could a new digital system streamline the process of purchasing land leases and revamp customer perception?
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The Challenge

Manulife Investment Management links license managers with landowners who have lessees wanting to buy or rent property. But they were facing growing challenges with their offline procedures.

Limited online information and a cumbersome manual process with paperwork and phone calls was hampering business and customer perception. Manulife needed a digital process that would remove administrative burdens and streamline land parcel leasing for customers.

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The Solution

Manulife partnered with Stellar Elements to modernize their land parcel leasing process.

For customers, new features were key. They needed an interactive map to view available parcels and a way to buy lease applications online.

For Manulife, the solution had to grant customers the autonomy over the process so they could manage their investments online.  

Manulife helped Stellar Elements understand the key pain points of the process from the customers’ and its internal team's perspectives. These insights were crucial in guiding the capabilities of the new custom application, which required accessibility and customization across multiple locations.  

The Results

The previous experience had considerable customer experience gaps in perception, service, scalability, and process. Identifying and closing these acute CX gaps powered the new system’s design and functionality.

The solution resolved bottlenecks and headaches in the land parcel leasing process, especially as the company grows across six regional U.S. locations.

Online sales increased immediately following launch, driven by a better user experience that alleviated challenges for customers and the HNRG team.

  • $1M
    in sales in the first 3 months
  • 80%
    land orders now processed online

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