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Fueling the expansion of a top automotive brand in Asia.

Close-up of a WRX Subaru leaning into a turn, viewed from behind.
How do you help a brand gain awareness across ten countries?
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A collection of storyboards used for a Subaru commercial
The Challenge

It may be one of the fastest growing automotive brands in the world, but Subaru in Southeast Asia was not on most consumers’ radar.

Motor Image Group, the exclusive Subaru distributor in the region came to us with a task: Relaunch the Subaru brand in ten countries and sell more cars. As the company’s brand experience agency of record, we spent five years doing just that.

Clip from a Subaru commercial where a Crosstrek is driving down the road surrounded by animated effects. Section Two Image
The Solution

Our research found that throughout Asia definitions of success are changing and car choice plays heavily into self-image and status. However, car advertisements in Asia were boring, one dimensional, and single mindedly focused on price, failing to appeal to driver aspirations and individuality. 

From broadcast TV advertising to dealer signage to print ads, we elevated the storytelling of the brand and fleet of vehicles to greater prominence, distinction, and sales success across Southeast Asia.

Working Together

  • 10M
    YouTube views
  • 35%
    Brand awareness increase over 5 years

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