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Brigham and Women's Hospital

Creating an app that furthers cancer treatment research

Can a mobile app help determine cancer treatment outcomes?
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The Challenge

A Brigham and Women’s Hospital surgeon received a grant to study the potential impact a lifestyle app could have on treatment outcomes for cancer patients—but needed help developing the smartphone technology.

The app would need to track patients’ lifecycles such as diet and exercise as they underwent cancer treatment. In turn, the app needed to be able to share data directly with medical teams so they could understand and monitor the impact on their patients.

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The Solution

Enabling data-driven insights to inform the hospital’s study on patient cancer treatment outcomes was the cornerstone of this effort.

Stellar Elements architected a mobile app that securely houses patient data and provides an intuitive, content-based data collection capability with a patient-friendly user interface that makes data input easy.

The Results

The new digital product helped identify and close healthcare customer service gaps in personalization, feedback and measurement.

The medical team holding the grant was able to prove the effectiveness of the well-built, next-generation custom healthcare application to conduct important cancer research via patient feedback—with patients rating the app as understandable and easy to use with an overall satisfaction score of 4.43/5-pt Likert scale.

This important oncology research was made possible by the partnership between Brigham and Women's Hospital and Stellar Elements and their shared commitment to patient outcomes.

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