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Firefly Health

Meeting the in-person standard of patient care from a distance.

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Can a Firefly Health medical platform combine personalization and privacy at the same time?
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The Challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the need for greater access to remote medical services. While telemedicine existed, patient interactions were impersonal and the services lacked complete functionality. Firefly Health came to us to create a platform that delivered personalized user experiences while remaining HIPAA compliant. 

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The Solution

It was critical to meet two pressing priorities: design a highly-personalized experience and maintain the highest level of security and privacy for patient data. Stellar Elements worked with Firefly Health’s designer-developer and project manager to build the front-end of the mobile application, while the back-end details like API integrations were handled by our developers and HIPAA engineers.

The Results

Through partnership with almost the entire Firefly Health team, we deployed an exceptionally personalized and user-friendly virtual clinic offering all the primary functions of an in-person visit. With the new platform, patients feel cared for, secure, and are able to access an entirely new class of primary care.

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