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Saying "I Do" to Innovation

How can a new brand re-invent the formal wear rental industry?
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The Challenge

When celebrity businessman George Zimmer decided to reboot his career, he took aim the men’s formal wear rental business. He believed the industry was ripe for disruption.

But at the time, digital solutions were limited and had poor user experiences. Zimmer needed help bringing his vision for a high-touch clothing rental experience online.  

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The Solution

Zimmer came to Stellar Elements with little more than a legal pad full of ideas and the resources to make them real. He enlisted the team to design critical aspects of the new business.

Looking at the problem from the inside out, Stellar Elements crafted and delivered a complete customer experience. This included the feel of the brand, as well as the process flows that informed the tech and fulfillment teams to imagine the total experience differently.

The Results

The new brand and easy-to-use ecommerce website targeted and closed many industry customer experience gaps, including CX perception and service.

The end result is a brand that meets and exceeds the customer’s needs and continues to make one aspect of weddings much less stressful.

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