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Bringing PayPal to emerging markets

Could a new application help a global company reach emerging markets cost effectively?
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The Challenge

PayPal is one of the most recognizable and utilized financial technology companies in the world. Their digital wallet global payments applications serve consumers and merchants around the world. However, PayPal was facing several challenges:

  • No mobile solution in emerging markets

  • Platform and app store fragmentation

  • Expensive deployment for native apps on multiple devices

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The Solution

PayPal approached Stellar Elements to design and build a tablet application for the Amazon Fire tablet—the company's first-ever tablet application.

By reusing the existing Android code base, Stellar Elements was able to push the app to multiple Android variants, including Amazon at reduced costs.

The Results

This new digital product closed a number of customer experience (CX) gaps, including integration, innovation, and service.

By leveraging a single code base, Stellar Elements were able to deliver the PayPal app for the Amazon Fire tablet in two weeks and deploy variants quickly. This also enabled Stellar Elemnts to ensure the project was cost-efficient, easily maintainable, and scalable for continued growth across the varied platforms.  

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