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Bringing the showroom to the living room

Could a new digital experience reshape the entire automobile industry?
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The Challenge

There was a time when an all-electric luxury sedan seemed like a risky proposition for consumers. Tesla changed that, but it required an innovative approach.

Faced with the challenge of changing drivers’ perceptions, Tesla carefully developed its showroom experience to help consumers overcome their objections to an all-electric car. The only problem was that not everyone lived near a Tesla dealership.

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The Solution

Tesla looked to Stellar Elements to help bring their showroom experience to life in potential customers’ living room. 

Working collaboratively with an eye toward the technology adoption curve, the Stellar Elements UX and design teams developed an approach to the problem that transformed product confusion and objections into opportunities for education and inspiration.

The solution was the GoElectric digital experience. The award-winning interactive feature on Tesla’s website addresses common questions and allows users to explore the technology.  

The Results

The GoElectric digital product targets and closes common customer experience gaps in innovation and service.

Along with at one time being the second most visited page on Tesla’s website, GoElectric became an incredible source of leads to the Model-S sedan.

By easing customers into the experience, and letting them play with interactive tools that both enlighten and excite, reservations about the purchase turned into reservations for a purchase.  

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